It begins with a warm morning that beckons you to take your coffee outside. The kind of morning that will feel cold come September.

The sun comes up just a bit earlier and descends just a bit later. The energy of everything around you and everything inside you grows in vibrancy.

Patches of greening grass, clusters of dandelions, spots of daffodils and tulips announce our season of dormancy has ended.

Though the wind blows fiercely, a day of toil in the soil becomes a multi-vitamin for the soul.

The pungent scent of last years leaves decomposing along the forest floor, guide ourmushrooms olfactory nerves through secret places filled with thorns and April Mayapples. The precious find celebrated in a pan of butter and salt.

Redbud and TulipsAmong the deepening nearly neon green leaves  bursting from every tree, the bright purple of the Redbud demands the attention and respect of all those who realize even their own existence. The Magnolia and Hawthorne soon add to the visual palette with pink and white additions to the landscape. The canvas of the Artist is painted day by day to ensure we appreciate every stroke of the brush.

Asparagus seems to grow feet by the day while the buds of the peach tree pop open, suddenly, into a furry of bee covered pink flowers.

The sunniest day can turn on a dime. Quickly, we are reminded of our own beautiful   insignificance as a wall of darkness pours across the sky continuously lit by thick bolts of blue electricity.  The roar of thunder counted by seconds, one one-thousand, two one-thousand. We watch for the sky to spin, sometimes it just does.

Magical, surreal, spiritual and inspiring, these define this most auspicious time of year. ~Audrey Elder