Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy”~ I love that song and yet I have to ask is it true? Outside of necessary activities such as going to work and keeping your home clean, how Easy Livin’ will this summer truly be? Even the activities we refer to as fun can often   become more work and stress than well, typical work and stress.  Starting with the——

Summer Vacation! So many options and with each a few ways to make them simpler and more meaningful. The super eco-friendly vacation is of course the stay-cation. If the aim here is relaxation and rest, this is probably not the best time to plan big projects. If those  projects can provide a fun and creative outlet, pick something small that won’t create chaos if it doesn’t get finished when the stay-cation is over. Project or not, a great benefit of vacations is turning off at least part if not all of our connections to the world. Just      because you’re not   going out of town doesn’t mean you can’t put an auto response on your email and a “I’ll be back on Monday the ….” message on your voicemail.

However, if you are going out of town— Instead of the 9-9    itinerary, prioritize the top 2 or 3 things you want to do or places you want to visit. Make a list of the other things in the area you’re going to that interest you so that if you feel like a little more adventuring you’ll know exactly where to go. I always leave plenty of space for spontaneous adventuring because unless you have advice from a local, there’s a good chance you’ll learn of something neat to do or a great place to eat after you get to your destination.

For those visiting family, be upfront before you get there about how busy you want to be. Also don’t be afraid to honestly share what activities you don’t enjoy.

If possible, build in a downtime day before heading back to work. A day to toss the clothes in the washer from the suitcase, kick back on the couch and play a little Ella Fitzgerald to celebrate that you pulled off that Livin’ Easy, Simple, Summer Vacation!


~Audrey Elder