Focus. Calm. The opposite of stress and anxiety. Being mindful allows us to be in the present moment, the moment where we normally run out the door and forget something we need or the moment we feel the world is crashing down around us. The following are a few tips for simple mindful application:

  1. Count to Ten– Yes this can help calm nerves, anger and anxiety. It can also keep you from living on auto pilot. Each time you get into your car, count to ten focusing on each number. Then, take a second before leaving your home. Good chance you’ll remember something you would have otherwise forgot. Do this again when you park the car– you’ll better remember what you needed at the grocery store or what you wanted to discuss at the office, not to mention help you to enter that situation composed instead of frazzled. It is also helpful to do this as well before sending an email or posting something on social media.
  2. Ten minutes a day– Find a quiet place to be alone, close your eyes and focus only on your breathing as it occurs naturally. When thoughts occur let go by continuing to focus on your breathe. When you open your eyes allow all you see, smell, hear and feel slowly be realized.
  3. Ten reasons for gratitude– At the beginning of each month list ten things you are grateful for. Gratitude helps us put life into a more beautiful perspective, helps keep us from ruminating over the past and stressing about the future.

~Meaningful Living