In a moment of my own love of life, I turned to social media, posted my phone number and asked people to tell me why they love their lives. What I didn’t realize was that I had to some degree created an experiment. I half expected people to share a reflection of our culture- an attachment to titles and things.  Instead I received text after text of a reflection of spirituality and how people are actually, when it comes down to it, attached to meaning in their lives.

So, this blog is brought to you…by humanity.  May their thoughts inspire you.

Reflect, breathe deep and feel life’s many reasons to find your own sense of love for life in each moment of each day.


I love my life because I share it with someone wonderful and because I also share it with my students and education and learning are crazy powerful”


“Family, health, home, my job (sic), and coffee. My list must include coffee”


“I love life because I am blessed with people who love me. I love life because it is exactly the way it is supposed to be. It may not be easy but it is a life I have chosen. The challenge is to love in an unlovable era in history. Blessed to be a parent and grandparent. Hope I am doing it the best way possible”


“I love my life because of the joy my family and friends bring. Bella (granddaughter) is here today and is the sunshine of my life!”


“When people inquire about my religion, my reply is simple, “I find myself closer to a divine creator in the forest than I do behind stained glass” I love my life because of the constant subconscious calling me to the wilderness embedded in my mind. The annoying buzz of a blood sucking mosquito accompanied by a Midwest sunset is what gets me out of bed. An entire young life of witnessing the natural game of life. The Milky Way will make you feel small. A deer eating winter bark to feed her unborn fawns will make you humble. The sound of hungry sparrow chicks brings you a sense of kindness. The alchemy of natures ways provides every element for a happy, successful beautiful life. I love my life because my parents encouraged my way of life, and I will forever be thankful for that”


“I love my life. We are essentially all under God’s roof and I am blessed to be covered from harm”


“Many reasons, my family is a huge one. God, my church family, the fact that I can be active to name a few”


“Family, friends, pets, music. God-given abilities”


“I think the reason why I love my life is because it’s mine. I decide what I’m going to do with it. From the time I wake up to the minute I go to bed. Every decision, every thought that I have is my own. It’s unique.”


“I love my life ‘cause no one tells me what to do!”


“One of the biggest reasons I love my life is because of the people in it. I have the greatest support system who is always inspiring me to be the best version of myself and that loves me on the days when I’m struggling to do that. I also love that there is always so much to learn about in life—I feel like I am constantly growing and changing, which is such a freeing and hopeful feeling. Lastly, I love that I have the ability to discover and pursue my passions which give my life so much meaning!”


“I have learned to love my life for the potential to live in each moment. I love my life because I am not alone- I am so, so small and there is always so much more to learn, experience, and grow from. I find myself constantly surrounded by people with whom I share a love and curiosity for life, but also share things like confusion, grief, and insecurities. Others are always opening my perspectives and encouraging me to grow, and that makes the possibilities of this life endless and exciting. I think I also love my life because no matter how many beautiful sunsets I see, forests I hike, mountains I climb, new life I witness, I will always be completely in awe of it all. The element of gratitude for these experiences makes all the difference in loving one’s life.”


My deepest gratitude to all who participated whether in thought or written word.


Audrey L Elder

Living Life Outside the Box